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Susan Kare
After graduating from New York University with a Ph.D. in fine arts, Susan Kare took a curatorial job at an art museum, and quickly realized she was on the wrong side of the creative equation. In 80s, she began work at Apple Computer designing fonts, icons, and graphic elements for the nascent Macintosh operating system and applications. Kare subsequently followed Steve Jobs to Next Computer as the tenth employee and Creative Director. She was the founding partner of Susan Kare Design, a graphic design practice in San Francisco in 1989, and since then has designed thousands of icons for hundreds of clients along with many corporate identity and other design projects, from Microsoft’s Solitaire cards to Facebook’s virtual gifts. From the Blog: Susan Kare on Icon Design: creative insights into her time at Apple as their primary graphic interface designer. 1982: iconic icon-desinger, bit map genie, hero, early casual wear pioneer—Susan Kare talks with New York Magazine about her early work with Apple Computers. Pixel Details: a very thorough review of our Solitaire Cards by Susan Kare On Windows 3.0 Solitaire, Iconography, and Nostalgia: an interview with Kare about her designs for Windows 3.0, Apple and the creative process behind her design by Story, a hi-concept shop in NYC.